Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Blog moved: Blogger.com -> WordPress

I've decided to spend more time blogging and since I am not very happy with blogger.com, I thought that I might as well get out of there while my blog is just starting. I feel that blogger.com is too restrictive. I have also read some discouraging posts here, here, here, and here.

So before I become one of blogger.com's problem statistic, I did some research and I decided to go with WordPress. Since I have a web host that is just sitting around and I enjoy doing installation and configuration anyway, it made sense that I host it myself. I feel that hosting it myself will give me more control.

Installation of WordPress was smooth. It even has an import function so I was able to import my entire blog. However, I noticed that the import was not perfect. Some of the blockquotes and links were not properly moved over. But I only have a few entries so far so I can live with that. Those should be easy to fix.

The thing that took the most time, though, is fiddling around with themes and plugins. After a few hours of fun, I am now at a point where I'm happy with the look and feel of the site.

There are still some things to do like redirecting my blogger.com pointer and setting up automated backups of this blog. I also need to put in the syndication stuff.

But it's 8pm so this should be good enough for now. :)

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